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Petition: Remove Laverne Cox from the Cast of “Orange is the New Black”

Yesterday, a petition was created to have Laverne Cox removed from “Orange is the New Black,” a show released on Netflix following the stories of characters in a women’s prison, after he led a campaign in support of Synthia China … Continue reading

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Trans acceptance where you would least(?) expect it

There‚Äôs no disputing the fact that transgender people, like other gender nonconforming groups, are mistreated and the targets of high levels of discrimination, prejudice, and violence, although the discrimination shown towards them looks more like homophobia and degradation of femininity … Continue reading

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“Sexism” is now transphobic

This was posted as a thread in a “social justice” sub on Reddit. While the comments that actually address the question disagree with it, it was nevertheless upvoted. And it was asked. Someone in a supposedly feminist community asked if … Continue reading

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The function of “Transphobia”

I have been on the internet for about a decade now, and throughout the course of my 10-year long browsing session, I have engaged in many threads, topics, discussions, arguments, and debates about homosexuality. These topics have pertained to all … Continue reading

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Challenging the patriarchy is transphobic

“Jailbreak the Patriarchy.” It’s an app for Chrome that swaps gendered words and pronouns. “He” becomes “she” and “woman” becomes “man.” Like the Hawkeye Initiative and other groups that draw male characters in the same way that female comic book … Continue reading

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