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The Emperor’s New Penis | CounterPunch

The Emperor’s New Penis | CounterPunch This brilliant article was written by Lierre Keith and Derrick Jensen, members of the feminist environmentalist organization, Deep Green Resistance, which has been the target of attacks in recent months for being transphobic (or, … Continue reading

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So, which is it?

Trans theorists often use terms like “brain sex” and “mental map” to articulate different aspects of transgender experience. “Brain sex” is used to assert that everybody has an innate, a biologically determined gender identity (hmm). Studies about gray matter and … Continue reading

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On the butchering of “essentialism”

“Essentialism” – RANCOM! “Those radfems and their essentialist nonsense.” – Various, numerous transgenderists. The first time I heard this, I was puzzled because, well, radical feminists aren’t essentialists. The entire position of radical feminism is based on an analysis of … Continue reading

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