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“… it is not in fact extraordinary to be uncomfortable with gender roles”

I came across this succinctly written article that sums up a lot of points I seek to articulate when speaking about transgenderism. The writer is responding to a question about why is she is critical of the idea of transpeople. … Continue reading

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That Cisgender Privilege List, Part 1

If you have been around the feminist sphere long enough to know what “cisgender” means, you’ve probably been around long enough to hear the phrase “cis privilege.” There are many fantastic blog posts made by some brilliant women who unpack … Continue reading

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Challenging the patriarchy is transphobic

“Jailbreak the Patriarchy.” It’s an app for Chrome that swaps gendered words and pronouns. “He” becomes “she” and “woman” becomes “man.” Like the Hawkeye Initiative and other groups that draw male characters in the same way that female comic book … Continue reading

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