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Notes from a non-cis woman

Originally posted on Sarah Ditum:
If cis means not-trans, then I am cis. I have been told repeatedly that cis is a label that belongs on me, and assured by those applying it that it’s not an insult – even…

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Is there such a thing as cisgender?

Originally posted on The Prime Directive:
Kay, I’ll get right on that. Do I get a slice, though? The term “cis,” as in “cisgender,” has been recently made fashionable by trans activists to designate people who are not transgender. It…

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The Emperor’s New Penis | CounterPunch

The Emperor’s New Penis | CounterPunch This brilliant article was written by Lierre Keith and Derrick Jensen, members of the feminist environmentalist organization, Deep Green Resistance, which has been the target of attacks in recent months for being transphobic (or, … Continue reading

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I’m Not Afraid of Your Penis, I’m Afraid of Your Socialization

Amazing video by a member of Deep Green Resistance on radical views of gender, with an eloquent dissection of liberal (queer) views of gender.

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Man vows to file complaint against airport employee who failed to assume he was female based on his awful wig and drag make-up

So recently, a man walked into an airport wearing a wig and makeup, and an airport employee read him as a man. This made him angry. There is something very interesting about this. It is this implicit statement that anybody … Continue reading

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Into the Mind of Kosilek: Grace’s Daughter – a Book Review

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Originally posted on Gender Fatigue: Start from there, because it is true. Your female body is not an identity. Everything else is an identity and is socially constructed. Feminism is a theory that puts Females (Women) at the center…

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Originally posted on You think I just don't understand, but I don't believe you.:
The most important book I have read about use of media and public relations to manipulate public opinion is Toxic Sludge Is Good for…

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Gender is not fun or sexy.

This is something I read several months ago, but it’s been popping up in my mind again recently. It comes from a post on Feministing by a site editor bidding farewell. She shares some thoughts on her idea for the … Continue reading

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