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Trans Activists Get Violent, Get Off

A message from the Deep Green Resistance: Three incidents occurred at the “Law and Disorder Conference” in Portland May 11 and 12 concerning DGR and transgender/queer activists. A lot of lies have been told about these incidents. We need to … Continue reading

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Who Owns Gender?

… The expression of sentiments deemed ‘transphobic’ has quickly come to be perceived as one of those ‘red lines’ that speakers and writers may not cross. It’s remarkable, when you think about it: if you ask yourself what other views … Continue reading

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“Female genital mutilation” is cissexist

I really don’t know how to begin this post. I don’t know how to introduce it or create some eloquent lead in. All I can say is: Fuck. Fuck no. Fuck you. Fuck everything. Exhibit A: Trans efforts to completely … Continue reading

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Trans criticism is not transphobia

In another post where I wrote about the function of “transphobia,” I demonstrated that a huge portion of what transactivists called “transphobia” really had nothing to do with any explicit hatred (e.g., slurs, name-calling) or outward discrimination (e.g. violence, work/hiring … Continue reading

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The function of “Transphobia”

I have been on the internet for about a decade now, and throughout the course of my 10-year long browsing session, I have engaged in many threads, topics, discussions, arguments, and debates about homosexuality. These topics have pertained to all … Continue reading

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