Petition: Remove Laverne Cox from the Cast of “Orange is the New Black”

Yesterday, a petition was created to have Laverne Cox removed from “Orange is the New Black,” a show released on Netflix following the stories of characters in a women’s prison, after he led a campaign in support of Synthia China Blast, who was convicted for the rape, murder, and desecration of a thirteen year old girl. Cox partnered with the transgender rights organization the Sylvia Rivera Law Project and created a video wherein he read a letter from the convicted child murderer who now identifies as a woman.

Although it is unlikely that Cox will be removed from the show, the petition now has over 750 signatures at the time of this post. I consider it to be a monumental success: It is extraordinarily rare to see people in such numbers band together and speak against a transgender man’s actions.

Cox has since written an apology on his blog and asked that the Slyvia Rivera Law Project take down the video, saying he did not know the crimes of the man he was campaigning for when he recorded the video.

This almost makes it worse.

Blast was not doing a six-month stint in the county jail for DUI charges. He has been in prison for over 20 years for the rape, murder, and desecration of the body of a child. That Cox would be willfully ignorant of the crimes of the people he is campaigning for speaks to how little he values the lives of all those hurt by their hands. Like many other powerful men, his only concern is the continued fulfillment of men’s desires when they are in line with his own.

This is not the first time that Cox has campaigned on behalf of a woman-abuser. Cox recently promoted the case of Robert/Michelle Kosilek, a man who strangled his wife and sought genital alteration surgery during his time in prison.

So at least we know that Cox does have some limits on the degree of filth that he is willing to defend. It’s somewhere below the rape and murder of a child, but above the attempted murder of a woman.

You can sign the petition here:

Petition: Remove Laverne Cox from the Cast of “Orange is the New Black”

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7 Responses to Petition: Remove Laverne Cox from the Cast of “Orange is the New Black”

  1. TS Bailey Jay says:

    I wanna fuck yuh mouth

  2. TS Bailey Jay says:

    sorry for triggering you; pretending to be a woman gets me so fucking hard

  3. LBo says:

    This person has apologized and admitted they made a mistake. Why is that not enough? And why was the mistake caused by ‘willful’ ignorance of the crimes rather than just ignorance? Misplaced compassion merits compassion- not a witch hunt, surely? I hope Laverne learns from this and is not put off from (more considered) activism in the future. Also, if the topic under discussion was prisoners’ rights and how transgender inmates are forced to endure years of solitary, then the individual’s crime, while emotive and disgusting, is not particularly relevant to the debate anyway.

  4. Zoey Rose says:

    Why do you keep calling her a him or he or a man? I thought feminism was supposed to support trans people and support equality…

    • LBo says:

      There’s some academic war between radical feminists and transgender activists I think based on the idea of a ‘female brain’ that I was completely oblivious to when I first read and commented on this article. After a bit of googling I came across a NewYorker piece about it that I found helpful but I think it has since been criticised for being unfair to the Transgender side of the debate. I agree with you though, that to call any person a man when they define themselves as a woman is jarring- comes over to a lay person as petty and cruel.

      • Zoey Rose says:

        Yeah, I just feel like they’re stepping their own feet when they say stuff like that. And to assume Laverne only has her own interests in mind and not the victims just seems like a stretch. She apologized but that’s not enough? Surely that would mean she does care about the victims right? If she didn’t, she would have just kept going with her campaign. The petition is a silly one.

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