Is there such a thing as cisgender?

The Prime Directive

Kay, I’ll get right on that. Do I get a slice, though?

The term “cis,” as in “cisgender,” has been recently made fashionable by trans activists to designate people who are not transgender. It is said that cisgendered people benefit from cis-privilege. Before we uncritically accept this reframing, it would behoove us to look into what the expression is supposed to mean.

Here are two definitions of cis:

A cisgender person is someone who identifies as they gender/sex they were assigned at birth. For example, your birth certificate says female, and you identify as a female woman.

an individual’s self-perception and presentation of their gender matches the behaviors and roles considered appropriate for one’s sex.

Gender and sex are two completely different things, so these definitions make no sense. There is no gender role “appropriate for one’s sex.” Gender is not “assigned at birth”; a baby doesn’t have a gender…

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1 Response to Is there such a thing as cisgender?

  1. Miep says:

    These people all basically lost me when they started calling lesbians bigots for not wanting to be penetrated by Special Female Penises.

    It boggles my mind that anybody takes any of this seriously. Transgender was originally presented to me as being about people who suffer from gender identity disorder or gender dysphoria that is so bad that it can only be alleviated with medical treatment including surgery. While I can appreciate not wanting to go through all that, insisting lesbians – or anyone, for that matter – pretend male bodies are female, or vice versa, is intrusive and outlandish, and much more reminiscent of how religious fundamentalists who eschew science operate than it is of any sort of more modern and progressive philosophy.

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