Man announces gender switches, enjoys dinner with a friend, then rapes her

Nadine Williams, 38, formerly known as Dean, allegedly lured his victim to a bedroom next door on the pretext of showing her his new wardrobe of women’s clothing.

He is accused of carrying out the attack while house-sitting another transvestite’s home, which contained a room upstairs known as “The Dungeon”, kitted out with whips, cages, chains and sex toys for hardcore S&M sessions.

Trial judge Peter Heywood has agreed to refer to Williams, who has legally changed his name to Nadine, as “Miss” during proceedings.

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Dean Williams (aka Nadine Williams) went to a bar with a female friend. During their outing, he announced that he had changed his name and was going to switch genders. They had a meal and drinks, and he offered her a tour of the place he was house-sitting. He ended the evening by quotation marks allegedly quotation marks raping her.

Men commit the majority of violent crimes and they are also the majority of victims in most violent crimes. The exception to this is rape, where men turn their aggression toward women.

Men don’t rape women because they ~iDeNtIfY~ as men. And they sure as hell don’t rape women because of uncontrollable sexual urges.

Men rape women because men learn that women exist to be touched, looked at, and fucked. It’s a pervasive message taught to the toddlers spray-tanned and dolled up for showcasing/pageantry, to the tweens with padded bikinis before bras, to the college students called sluts if they want birth control and prudes and teases if they don’t put out. Men learn that women’s bodies belong to them, that women dress to please and arouse them, and should women arouse them, it is their obligation to resolve the tension. Even physically disabled men, the most vulnerable and least powerful males, know that they are entitled to access to women’s bodies.

Declaring oneself a woman doesn’t erase that sense of entitlement. Most trangender males do not begin transition until after the age of 25; many don’t transition or even declare themselves women until they’re in their 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s. They spend all their childhoods being treated as boys. They spend decades of life being treated as men, interacting with other men as men, and interacting with women as men. They marry, penetrate, and impregnate women. They join the military and kill people. They know all the expectations and rules that come with being a man. It would be naïve to suggest that despite all that, they are ignorant of the entitlements and benefits that come with being a man. The entitlement to sex, the entitlement to speak, the entitlement to authority and power.

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5 Responses to Man announces gender switches, enjoys dinner with a friend, then rapes her

  1. Nicky says:

    That is so wrong on so many levels. I just hope the prison Inmates give this creep the justice the perp deserves.

  2. jose says:

    The recession has thrown many people into poverty and homelessness. Homeless people who have been born poor will tell you these “new poor” have vastly different mindsets. Even though they are *actually* homeless now, their current reality simply doesn’t erase their life to that point. Not a judgment, just a description.

    It happens with all aspects of life. The rich-by-effort and the rich-by-birth are a world apart in terms of mentality. Expats who become US citizens don’t acquire an American mindset, they already are who they are. People who have lived in a dictatorship don’t forget what it was like once democracy kicks in (I know people who are still hesitant to sign political petitions – a psychological remnant). A Spanish saying goes: “La auténtica patria es la infancia” – “Our true homeland is childhood”.

    It would be very surprising indeed if this applied to everybody except trans people.

  3. My only wish for people like this (And I don’t do hate) is when in Jail, he/she? gets to know what it feels like to have this done to him/her/it

    (insert swear word)


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