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Good Dog Bad Dog

I came across a comic strip called “Explaining the Transgender Experience.” It starts off with: “Let’s say that on the day you were born, someone put you in a dog costume and everyone believed you were a dog.” The illustrations … Continue reading

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Originally posted on You think I just don't understand, but I don't believe you.:
The most important book I have read about use of media and public relations to manipulate public opinion is Toxic Sludge Is Good for…

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Rad Fem 2013 announced. The transgender community takes notice. Meanwhile.

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Gender is not fun or sexy.

This is something I read several months ago, but it’s been popping up in my mind again recently. It comes from a post on Feministing by a site editor bidding farewell. She shares some thoughts on her idea for the … Continue reading

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“Female genital mutilation” is cissexist

I really don’t know how to begin this post. I don’t know how to introduce it or create some eloquent lead in. All I can say is: Fuck. Fuck no. Fuck you. Fuck everything. Exhibit A: Trans efforts to completely … Continue reading

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Trans acceptance where you would least(?) expect it

There’s no disputing the fact that transgender people, like other gender nonconforming groups, are mistreated and the targets of high levels of discrimination, prejudice, and violence, although the discrimination shown towards them looks more like homophobia and degradation of femininity … Continue reading

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Privilege Blinders

Originally posted on Revolutionary Combustion:
Originally published DECEMBER 6, 2010 (edited slightly to remove tangential content). by Undercover Punk ____________________ I am going to talk briefly about what I call the “Privilege Blinders” method of discrediting other people’s arguments and opinions. It’s…

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Man announces gender switches, enjoys dinner with a friend, then rapes her

Nadine Williams, 38, formerly known as Dean, allegedly lured his victim to a bedroom next door on the pretext of showing her his new wardrobe of women’s clothing. He is accused of carrying out the attack while house-sitting another transvestite’s … Continue reading

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So, which is it?

Trans theorists often use terms like “brain sex” and “mental map” to articulate different aspects of transgender experience. “Brain sex” is used to assert that everybody has an innate, a biologically determined gender identity (hmm). Studies about gray matter and … Continue reading

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