“If fucking women is a human right for men, that means women don’t have a right to remain unfucked. If a man cannot ‘naturally’ find a woman willing to submit to intercourse with him, but intercourse is his human right, then there is a woman somewhere who is obligated to let him fuck her, even if she doesn’t want to. That’s called rape. Men have a human right to rape.”

I engaged in a conversation with people about this very topic, and the comments made about it were utterly atrocious.

“I view sexual release as a human right.” This means, stripped down and made bare, “I view access to women’s bodies as a human right.”

When sexual release is viewed as a human right, and when men who don’t get sex commit sexual violence (rape), then women, as a group, are forced to choose between providing sex and being raped by men, as a group. If one woman does not satisfy a man’s entitled demand to sex, another woman will be raped. Choosing between sex or rape is not a choice.

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  1. Kerry Eady says:

    I encourage everyone who wants to “help” prostitutes to get involved with their organizations – From Big Susies – a working group for and run by sex workers in Hamilton Ontario – “Big Susie’s recognizes that the relationship between feminism and sex work is fraught and contentious. We do not support work done in the name of feminism that denies sex workers’ agency or that attempts to prohibit all forms of pornography regardless of its content. At the same time, we recognize that some feminists are committed to being allies to sex workers and that a feminist analysis of violence against women can help us to better understand the violence that many sex workers experience. Big Susie’s supports the kind of feminism that is sex-positive and advocates for the decriminalization of sex work. We believe in a feminism that supports women who experience violence but refuses to view women as anything other than victims. ”

    I find this rewriting offensive. From two perspectives first: These is a difference between a survival sex worker and a trade sex worker and no truly feminist discussion of sex for money can ignore that without completely objectifying and silencing the voices of sex workers. themselves. Second: Equating rape with sex for money devalues the very real issues around violence towards sex workers, the insertion of a penis into an orifice between two consenting adults (and a business arrangement is consent) is different from the exploitation and trafficking of humans. It is different that the exploitation and abuse of minors. It is different that the sexual and physical assaults sex workers are vulnerable to, it is different than the issue of missing and murdered sex workers (women, children and glbt sex workers – and usually vulnerable minorities) If you truly care about changing things listen to what *they* say they need – decriminalization, harm reduction, hiv disclosure laws, In fact, from sex worker’s perspectives this kind of anti sex for pay attitude further stigmatizes them and makes it more likely for society to objectify them in a way that continues to deny them a voice for meaningful change – it perpetuates the stereotypes and therefore the violence they experience –

    From maggies toronto sex orkers action project “We are founded on the belief that to improve our lives, sex workers must take the power to control our own destinies. That is why Maggie’s exists first and foremost as an organization for sex workers, that is controlled by sex workers. To quote the slogan: “Nothing about us, without us is for us!”
    Sex work is real work. We are not criminals, deviant or victims. We are working people and we demand to be recognized as such.
    Sex work is real work.Sex work is socially legitimate, important and valuable work. All sex work is equally valid, whether it be dancing, street work or domination and we are entitled to labour rights; the right to form unions or professional associations; the right to work independently, collectively or for a third party; and the right to occupational health and safety.
    We recognize that sex work is not the same as human trafficking. Sex work is a job selling some form of sexual service. Trafficking is coerced or forced labour.
    Sex worker empowerment stops human trafficking. Current anti-trafficking laws and policies often do more harm than good, leading to further stigma, criminalization, police harassment, violence, extortions and deportations of migrant sex workers while disregarding their actual concerns or needs. Maggie’s supports effective, evidence-based solutions to the problem of human trafficking that locates sex workers as a key part of the solution. We support open borders and labour and human rights for undocumented workers.
    Sex work is not intrinsically dangerous, oppressive or exploitative. Most of the problems sex workers experience are a result of legal and social systems that disregard our rights and worth. We work to end these oppressive systems, not to “rescue” sex workers.
    Selling sex is a pragmatic and sensible response to a limited range of options. Where people are doing sex work but would rather not be, it is this lack of options that is the problem – not sex work itself. Women, young people, trans women, people of colour and Indigenous people often face limited economic options. For many, sex work is the best or only option for work and we work to improve the conditions of work.
    The oppression of sex workers does not affect everyone the same way. Some face additional oppressions based on racism, colonialism, sexism, transphobia (trans-misogyny in particular), poverty, homophobia, because they have been to prison, use drugs or because they have disabilities. Often these sex workers face much higher rates of violence and discrimination. We centre the experiences of these sex workers who are the most directly impacted by violence and discrimination in our analysis, in building broader and stronger coalitions and in developing holistic solutions that address all the issues that affect sex workers’ lives.
    We advocate for removal of all laws that criminalize sex work and an end to all forms of violence, discrimination and harassment of sex workers.
    We recognize that sex workers are safer sex professionals and oppose public health policies such as mandatory testing that are founded on stereotypes about us that persecute sex workers rather than genuinely improve public health. We advocate evidence-based approaches to HIV and other STI’s that are led by the experts—sex workers. We recognize that the risk of HIV and other STI’s is directly related to poor working conditions created by criminalization and stigmatization.
    We are a part of the international sex worker’s rights movement and we work in coalition with organizations and individuals that support our principles.

    • girlsoftheinternet says:

      Why would anybody join or support an organization whose aims they fundamentally disagree with? There are many exited women who would strongly disagree with your approach, and you don’t have research on your side. Legalized sex work increases trafficking, yo. The Netherlands have already tried this. And to say that most prostituted women voluntarily start and are happy to remain is an utter fiction.

      Apart from that, this article pertains to a situation where disabled men were groping their female carers and prostitutes were hired as substitute assault victims. The entitlement to women’s bodies here is disgraceful and your self-indulgently long comment doesn’t address that one time.

  2. Reason says:

    Yes. I’m glad you brought up that distinction. I forgot to do so myself. It’s absolutely sobering to see how prominent feminists and lobbying organizations will offer so little compassion for these women. With prostitution as a legal service, the black market would just vanish, and sex trafficking would be a non-issue almost over night. It’s telling how they will pick their own ideology over the safety of the people they claim they are representing. They don’t represent women they disagree with. They will only lobby for freedom of choice for women, if they get to pick the choices in advance.

    I have nothing but respect for the sex workers and staff members that provides this necessary service for people that have their needs discarded by society. I can’t imagine how castrating it must feel to have to hide your sexual needs like the disabled are forced to. The staff members are risking their jobs for their compassionate beliefs, and that’s just heart warming to see in this day and age.

    I’m glad you liked my reply. I was expecting it to be censored away. Let’s hope this blog is one of it’s kind, in allowing differing opinions.

    • I’m glad you liked my reply. I was expecting it to be censored away. Let’s hope this blog is one of it’s kind, in allowing differing opinions.

      Nope, sorry, it’s not.

      See, here’s the thing.

      Your mindset dominates 99% of everything. It is the mindset of the media, of the internet, of lobbyists, of men. This is a space for the 1%, or even .01% of the population, to have a voice.

      I really, sincerely, couldn’t give a shit what you have to say, because I have to listen to you in all other realms of life.

      White men really have no idea what it’s like to not be welcome somewhere, no idea what it’s like for their opinions to not be wanted, do they? This reminds me of a joke. You own 99% of the public sphere, but god forbid some bitch doesn’t give you the last slice, too.

      • Anonymous says:

        Your passive-aggressive is leaking.

      • qwerty says:

        i agree with “Reason” and i’m a young, female POC. i am a feminist.

        i believe that feminists who refuse to listen to opinions they disagree with (and honestly this goes for every single person on this planet with something to advocate) are slowing their own progress, because if all other people hear is you being angry at them, they will never understand your points. and then you will just be preaching to the choir, and if that choir doesn’t have outside support, how will you ever change things? if all you have is a sweeping hate for the opinions of white men, regardless of those individual white men who agree, have support for, and sympathize with you completely, who will want to support your cause? what i’m trying to say is alienating potential supporters with a “fuck off i’m sick of the circumstances of your demographic’s” approach is ill-advised.

        i do believe in a world of equality, but i do not feel your verbal attacks are the way to achieve it. if you had argued against those who did not agree with you with clear, reasonable arguments, my ear would be so much more open.

        you can be angry. you should even be outraged at some of the issues you encounter. but that doesn’t mean you should let it dominate discussion, because it neglects to even be discussion when your main objective is to attack someone who disagreed in a calm manner.

  3. KarvilAtern says:

    Rape isn´t human right and I wholly agree with your discontent with forced prostitution, but I think that VOLUNTARY prostitution isn´t so bad for the society. Firstly, it is much better than real rape, secondly there are deffinitely woman that like it, thirdly if you were to ban it the only thing you would achieve would be increase in diseases and flourishing of black market (with all its bad traits like much more often forcing the woman).

    Well if you have some idea how to destroy this industry without this negative consequences I will deffinitely support you. (just for your information I am men not women)

    • So I came back here and check that this blog entry was linked to by a website that’s basically 75% white men, and then I got a bunch of comments by people with unique and insightful opinions.

      Just kidding. Mansplaining. Mansplaining everywhere.

      I’m just going to respond to this one because they were basically all the same thing, anyway. I don’t do this for their benefit, but for other feminists who might be reading.

      “Voluntary prostitution” does not exist. Theoretically? I don’t know. In any society, at all, anywhere at this time or ever previously in history? No.

      I don’t know whether to blame this on the horrible “choice” feminism that’s now a fad, or just a complete and utter lack of understanding on how society works.

      If women “choose” to go into sex work, do you also think that black people “choose” to be poor or that poor people “choose” to make economically unsound decisions? Do we live in a pure meritocracy?

      Humans are a diverse species of animal. They come in many shapes and sizes. People can have brown eyes in various shades, green eyes in various shades, blue eyes in various changes. Some people even have eyes with different colors. There are people with heterochromia. There are people who are right-hand dominant, there are people who are left-hand dominant. There are people who have two legs and there are people who have one leg. There are people with penises and there are people with vaginas.

      For the most part, all these differences are relatively meaningless. The color of one’s skin, and one’s reproductive set, are, for whatever reason, extremely important categories in society. Our society organizes itself around differiential reproductive sets, and treats people differently based on the pigmentation of their skin or the genitals between their legs.

      People who are born with vaginas are given the label “female.” They are raised as “girls” to be “women.” People with vaginas are expected to do certain things, act certain ways, dress certain ways, and be certain ways. the ways and things they do are different than the ways and roles that people born with penises are expected to have and be and do.

      And the expectations that society has for the unfortunate people put into the class of “females” is that they must sexually serve the people in the class of “males.”

      Vaginaed infants, termed “females” are socialized from an early age about their role. From Toddlers and Tiaras, with fake teeth to pop idols and supermodels in magazines with fake breasts, little girls learn that their role in society is an aesthetic, sexual one. Males are taught to sexually consume females. Females are taught to be consumed.

  4. Matthew Chiglinsky says:

    Prostitution is a mild form of rape, yes, but so is casual sex (like a one-night stand). This is the great hypocrisy I find in “third-wave” or “sex-positive” feminism. They seem to suggest that casual sex is somehow empowering, when I see it as humiliating (even for the guy if he has any emotional awareness).

    The only form of sex that isn’t any type of rape is when you’ve known someone for a very long time and you trust that person and are willing to commit to that person long-term (which is for all intents and purposes marriage). Proper intimacy necessities a long-term, committed relationship.

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