“Sexism” is now transphobic

what is this I don't even

This was posted as a thread in a “social justice” sub on Reddit. While the comments that actually address the question disagree with it, it was nevertheless upvoted.

And it was asked.

Someone in a supposedly feminist community asked if using “sexism” to describe the oppression of women was inappropriate.


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8 Responses to “Sexism” is now transphobic

  1. SupersonicBurst says:

    It’s gone beyond ridiculous now, hasn’t it?

  2. girlsoftheinternet says:

    This may seem utterly ridiculous (and it is!) but it actually is not a new phenomenon. Femmephobia (described here: http://feminist-armchair-regime.blogspot.com/2012/04/femmephobia-is-everywhere.html7) was apparently coined by Julia Serano in Whipping Girl as a word for what is traditionally called misogyny. It neatly removes the cause of misogyny, of course (as well as the fact that masculine women are not treated well by society), which was likely the point and would be the effect of the above-quoted moron’s suggestion.

    • I’ve seen the word “femmephobia” pop up a few times, but I never gave it much attention because it seemed like a redundancy to what we already know as misogyny (and more generally, patriarchy).

      I am not even a little bit surprised that it was coined by a trans man.

      I really cannot fathom why this term was created when a far more appropriate term for it already existed and was long in use. This idea that femininity is hated is not new or unique. It is the root of sexism, the root of oppression, the root of differential roles of men and women (the human and the hated, the norm and the other).

      It seems that a huge number of trans and trans obedient feminists seem less interesting in learning feminist theory and more in just rewriting feminism to be whatever they feel like. I wonder to what extent they identify with the term “feminist” because it’s social-justicey and nonconformist as opposed to what the movement actually stood for.

      • girlsoftheinternet says:

        Maybe I’m too cynical, but I’m pretty sure that the whole point is too rewrite feminism in a way that removes sex-based oppression from it’s core analysis. If misogyny just becomes “fear of the feminine” then we don’t have to think about why it is women and not men who are the oppressed class. The fact that femininity is the enforced uniform of the oppressed in order to other them and that it is women themselves – menstruating, child-bearing, vagina-having women – that are truly hated because of these things is disappeared.

        This is, of course, exactly the goal of trans feminism.

  3. smash says:

    GOTI, well said.

  4. I agree with GOTI, I think the commenter had realised that ‘sexist’ is an extremely *appropriate* term since it indicates *sex*-based oppression.

    Constructs of ‘femininity’ and ‘masculinity’ change with fashion, retaining only their core values/ purposes of perpetuating, by naturalising, female subordination and male dominance. They are the tool by which oppression of the female sex is maintained. This is why they are beloved by those who benefit from our subjugation.

    It is not as if those who ‘hate femininity’ are constantly adjusting that which they hate, in concert with the adjustments, by fashion, of what constitutes femininity, in a completely coincidental manner. The point is solely to vilify girls and women – *females* – in order to endorse our ongoing subjugation. So as fashions change, that which is deemed ‘girly and pathetic’ will change too, but the point of the social construction of femininity is always to achieve social compliance with female oppression.

  5. J. Metaneira says:

    I want to fucking puke. It’s not transphobic to point out that discrimination on basis of what sex you are is sexism. It’s common sense.

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