“… it is not in fact extraordinary to be uncomfortable with gender roles”

I came across this succinctly written article that sums up a lot of points I seek to articulate when speaking about transgenderism.

The writer is responding to a question about why is she is critical of the idea of transpeople.

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This is kind of a complicated subject, so forgive me if I expound at length.

First off, let me say this: I believe transsexualism and sex dysphoria are real and debilitating, that there are people who suffer from GID to an extent that they need (and deserve) medical intervention, and that their experiences should be respected and heard. I also believe in gender dysphoria, in that I believe that all people are uncomfortable to varying degrees with their assigned gender role.

I however, do not agree that “gender identity” is innate or natural, that transsexualism is an indication that “sex” is a construct or that “true sex” is in the brain instead of in the chromosomes/sex organs, or that one can “feel” like a woman or a man without actually being an adult human female or adult human male, and more importantly, being recognized and socialized as one.

The concept of “feeling” like a woman bristles me because it assumes there is a universal experience of womanhood or some kind of shared consciousness among women, when in reality we are all different and all experience our lives being socialized and recognized as women differently. The only “universal” shared experience of womanhood is being oppressed by men, and even that manifests differently for each of us based on a multitude of factors.

I believe gender is harmful, both in that it is a construct designed to oppress females as a sex class, and that it is restrictive to both females and males and creates an obsession with how much one cleaves or deviates from ideas of femininity and masculinity. I believe gender abolition, ending gendered thinking, and eliminating ideas of what traits, desires, and interests males or females “should” have is the only way to end the oppression of females and to alleviate gender dysphoria.

I believe that clinging to the idea that “feminine” and “masculine” are real and innate things is harmful, that it perpetuates the idea of gender, and is rooted deeply in patriarchal thinking.

I believe things like “genderqueer,” “gender variant,” and “non-binary” ignore that most people are gender variant, that it is not in fact extraordinary to be uncomfortable with gender roles, and that “cis” is a bullshit concept.

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