Trans women are women of the patriarchy

Calling yourself a woman does not make you a woman.

All that being a “woman” is is being born as a female, being raised as a female, being treated as a female, being in the female-sex class.  It isn’t an identity anymore than race is an identity: it’s a class. Female is the sex, gender is every social consequence of it. The group “women” only exists because society divides people on the basis of sex. “Women” are united as a group in the same way that black people are united as a group in the same way that people with blonde hair are not, because skin color and sex are major categories in society and hair color is not.

If a young adult from an affluent family decides that he’s going to go live on the streets for a month, no contact with his family and only the clothes on his back, at the end of the month can he say that he knows what it’s like to be a poor person?

No. Because he was raised in an affluent family. He was raised in a way completely different from the way poor people are raised, he got to the experience of being poor in a way different from poor people do, his expectations for the future were different, his health enduring the poor-status was different, the foods he ate, the experiences he had, the jobs and opportunities he had, were all different.

Even falling from affluence into poverty due to economic hardship is a different experience from being born into poverty.

If a white person carefully applies dark makeup and dyes his hair black, then goes out and about for a few months, can he say he knows what it’s like to be a black person? No. Because he grew up being seen and treated as a white person. The life he knows is that of a white person.

A growing awareness is spreading about Bodily Identity Integrity Disorder (aka “transabled”). It’s not just something on tumblr, it’s becoming an increasingly hot topic in news and documentaries. Does a person with two legs know what it’s like to be paralyzed from the waist down after riding around in a wheelchair for hours on end, days on end? What if that person really, truly believes that they weren’t “meant” to have working legs? Do they know what it’s like to be paralyzed?


A person who is born a male, is raised as a male, is seen in society as a male, sits through  Sunday school listening about how other males did all the good things in church and how the best female was great because she was a virgin, goes through school heath class with no fear of ever getting pregnant, doesn’t have to sit through that awkward period lecture in forth grade, is not treated like a child and referred to as a “boy” even when he turns 20, is assumed competent, cannot know what it’s like to be a woman, because being a woman isn’t about thinking of oneself as a woman, it’s about being born into a class where you are raised, from the time you are an infant, to be pretty, to be fragile, to be chaste and polite. The onus to prevent rape is on you, in Sunday school your role model is the woman who kept her legs shut, in middle school it’s Victoria Secret models.

Trans activists say that girls’ childhoods don’t matter. That their sex has nothing to do with why they are oppressed.  That just declaring oneself to be a woman is enough to put ones experiences on par with those who have been treated like women their entire lives, have had to face the roles, responsibilities, and fears of women their entire lives.

Women throughout almost all societies are reduced to little more than sex objects. Women’s bodies are constantly displayed everywhere.

You know what’s a joke I see pop up around the internet every so often? “What’s that excess skin around the vagina called? A woman.”

Women are fuck holes.

Fuck holes and incubators, according to the GOP who cares more about fetuses than it does the beings that carry them.

The vagina is a reproductive organ: it’s sole function is to create babies. The vagina is a hole-like organ because it makes receiving semen and expelling a a small human or a female easier.

Female breasts are also part of a female’s reproductive system: their sole function is to provide nourishment to infants.

These are not precious gifts bestowed to those who win the sex-lottery. They are physical and social burdens. Vaginas bleed on a monthly basis and tear when a baby is shoved through by doctors who know better than you do because nature is a thing to be controlled by people (men). A woman who uses her breasts for their purpose to feed a hungry child best due it in dark corner or face cries of indecency.  Women in the 21st century struggle for the basic right to choose how they use their vaginas and breasts.

Trans women cannot get pregnant. They cannot expel a human being from their vagina. Semen that goes into their vagina hits the back of the man-made wall and then slides on out because it’s not connected to anything. Their vaginas are constructed. They are man-made. They are constructed to be fuck holes.

Women are born with vaginas that society reduces to fuck holes.

Trans women make fuck holes they call vaginas. Trans women have a surgery that creates a hole in their body that can have things inside it. Calling a hole in the body that can have things stuck inside it a “vagina” is patriarchy.

Society defines women’s bodies in terms of what they can do for men. Breasts are sex toys with no other purpose, fun bags to be played with in the bedroom (or on the computer screen) but too obscene to be seen elsewhere: the idea that they might be used to feed children and not arouse men is gross and offensive. Vaginas are fleshlights always in need of improvement: they’re too hairy, too smelly, too brown, too loose. Pregnant women are a burden.

Trans women take hormones and go under the knife to obtain breasts that don’t function but look sexy. Their breasts are not female breasts, they are men’s idea of female breasts, perky and round, not misshapen or small or differentially sized. Some of them elect to have their genitals molded into a hole that that can have things put inside of it, and that on the outside looks like men’s idea of a vagina: a man-made labia that’s not too big, a hole that’s not too loose.

Women’s bodies are reduced to sex objects in the patriarchy. Their breasts are not to feed infants but to be looked at and fondled, their vaginas are holes to be fucked, not to conceive and deliver babies. Perhaps this does make trans women real women: patriarchy doesn’t see a difference.

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22 Responses to Trans women are women of the patriarchy

  1. ‘Calling a hole in the body that can have things stuck inside it a “vagina” is patriarchy.’

    Very well said. The insistence that nobody speak of any differences between a female body and a body manipulated to look female is very disconcerting, and, as your post so excellently shows, very revealing of the status quo.

    When you get into discussions with people about this they will often point to females with somehow defective or incomplete organs as a defense. “So do you deny female status to women who don’t menstruate, then? Do you deny that women without a uterus are women? Or are only women who have children real women? Don’t you sound exactly like a patriarchal conservative then?” etc. etc.

    It’s just as stupid as saying gay men lack male privilege. The actual inner workings of the body aren’t the main determining factor when it comes to how a person is treated and expected to behave. Whether I can or do actually get pregnant or not, others look at me and treat me as body parts around a hole and that’s why I’m on this blog and why I have a blog of my own. Women as a class do not have autonomy, and so men get to define what our bodies are (for), what women are (for), and this has very real consequences for everyone.

    It’s also part of the life of females to be called hateful when we care deeply about women. Due to the status quo this can only be seen as a declaration of war to all whose lives are adapted to patriarchy with great personal investment. It’s not hateful to tell your story and say that it matters, and to insist that you can also define who you are. It’s not just others who can do that.

  2. man I hope you’re not some whitey who thinks they can throw around comparisons to race like it’s nuthin’.

  3. >>A person who is born a male, is raised as a male, is seen in society as a male, sits through Sunday school listening about how other males did all the good things in church

    the big difference being that trans* girls see themselves as girls generally from around the age of 2 to 5. A person who is believed to be a boy but sees THEMSELVES as a girl has an entirely different experience to a cis male.

    Ps the Sunday School analogy is incredibly Christian and US-centric. You should know that.

    >>Trans activists say that girls’ childhoods don’t matter. That their sex has nothing to do with why they are oppressed

    No, they don’t. We understand that cis women and trans* people can both be oppressed at the same time. It is you who assumes one must necessarily exclude the other.

    Also if you’re gonna talk about trans* people you should acknowledge, at least once, that trans men and non-binary trans* people exist.

    >>The vagina is a reproductive organ: it’s sole function is to create babies.

    That’s… an incredibly Patriarchal viewpoint. In fact, that is THE Patriarchal viewpoint. Vaginas can also be used for pleasure. Or not at all, if the person who has one so wishes.

    >>Their vaginas are constructed. They are man-made. They are constructed to be fuck holes.

    1. Not all trans* women get surgey, so nope. 2. Not all trans* women have sex with men, so nope. 3. what about cis women who get reconstructive surgery because they were born without a vagina? They exist. Do you consider them “fuck holes” too?

    >>Their breasts are not female breasts, they are men’s idea of female breasts, perky and round, not misshapen or small or differentially sized

    ….You’ve never actually met or seen a trans* woman, have you?

    >>a man-made labia that’s not too big, a hole that’s not too loose.

    … how many have you been up close and personal with?

    >>Perhaps this does make trans women real women: patriarchy doesn’t see a difference.

    Wait. Wait. Are you saying men see no difference between trans* women and cis women? That they treat them exactly the same?

    You just smashed your own argument. Trans* women can’t have male privilege if they’re treated like women. Oops…

  4. Leah says:

    ^ What she said.

  5. Motherhood says:

    In real life the exception does not change the rule, it does not even challenge it. Women can choose to consider their vagina as reproductive or as pleasure bound or any combination of the two . Either way the vagina actually serves both functions. In reality–self lubricating when aroused and when ovulations the texture of the lubrication changes dramatically. A man made bind pouch does not do either ever it is merely cosmetic, has to be dilated and filled with chemical lubricants. A colostomy bag hanging on someone’s side is not a Gucci purse any more than than a blind pouch is a vagina. Men have penises even ones that have cosmetic surgery to invert are still men. Body modification changes nothing–people don’t think Joan Rivers is 25. If a person wants to do body modifications and has the money—fine not my business. Of all the thing a vagina does–the surgical blind pouch does none—except it can be used for a penis to ejaculate into–well so can a rectum a mouth a hand–a rectum a mouth and a hand are not vaginas either. That’s just reality and people can’t assume women will exchange their reality to appease some male desire. People can do what they want but don’t expect women or anyone else to not read the correct sex (XY or XX). I for one did not sign a contract with anyone stating that their perceptions are going to be privileged over my own. And I value my perceptions oover some guys deep feelings–that falls under not my problem. And as everything Trans is based only on theory I don’t have to and either does anyone else.

  6. Zhiva says:

    The fuck did I just read. Seconding Jack’s points and adding mine: did you just say that women who cannot have children are not ~real~ women? That women who cannot breastfeed are not ~real~ women?

  7. Lithp says:

    I, too, am with Jack, because I think the OP ignores a pretty glaring hole in her argument:

    After experiencing all of that crap, transwomen actively try to be seen as women. They might not have exactly the same experiences as you, but they are beginning to experience misogyny.

  8. Jade Stewart says:

    I agree with jack have you ever met a trans woman my breast have many stretch marks on them and they are certainly not prefect and do not resemble some thing that is perky at all for god sake
    do some proper research before spewing what seems to be hatred towards a marginalised group of people and on top of that I agree on another point what about no binary genders and trans men.

  9. Dustin says:

    What a complete crock of shit. This is just misinformed, sexist, misogynist bullshit from someone who obviously knows nothing about gender or patriarchy.

    Have you thought or read anything beyond WGS 101? Have you ever talked with actual people in the trans* community?

    Not only is this a great example of cis sexism but also traditional sexism and misogyny.

    As much as you think you have been gendered by and constructed by men and patriarchy, you sure haven’t thought of how you yourself, are taking it upon yourself to be the meaning-maker of EVERYONE ELSE’S genders. Much like in traditional patriarchy.

    Also, comparing sex and race? They are not the same issue. It’s very racist of you to combine them in the way you did. Do you have any concern for all of the people you are offended?

    Whether or not you are able to see it: this is just a completely delusional, 1950s-style brand of white feminism that contains both traditional sexism, cissexism, and quite unbelievably, racism as well.

    Get your proud head out of your ass and actually read things written by, or talk with, all of the people you are spewing ignorance and hatred toward.

    What a lousy excuse for a feminist.

  10. Dustin says:

    Have you ever heard of intersex individuals? Do you know anything about sex and gender?

    There are plenty of people in the world who have XX chromosomes but are anatomically male, there are people who are chromosomal my XY but anatomically female. These are birth conditions. There is XXY, incomplete X, and XY individuals with androgen insensitivity who appear anatomically female.

    They are surely a minority, but do they not get a voice because of their smaller numbers? Should they simply be overlooked?

    Many intersex people also have transgender experiences as they may be raised to express one role but identify with and eventually transition to new gender roles.

    It seriously seems that you are just paranoid and ignorant about many, many things.

    I can only hope that you have not actually completed in sort of degree program and still hold these ridiculous views.

    You are beyond offensive to women, cis and trans* alike. Your misogyny is more or less in perfect accordance with many patriarchal virtues: telling women who they are and who they are not; reducing women to their reproductive anatomies; saying that things like sex and race are relatable (that both are concrete and discrete realities completely objective and not subject to cultural context or personal experiences).

    What are you cissexist “feminists” going to say to trans* women who have been raised and socialized as girls since an extremely early age, with the acceptance and encouragement of their families?

    How are you so blind to your own extreme prejudice: both traditionally sexist and racist?

    Seriously? You think you’re helping feminism but reiterating its most basic virtues?

    I think your paranoia is greater than your ignorance and prejudice.

    What are you so afraid of?

  11. Dianne says:

    Yes, trans women don’t know what it is to have lived their lives as women. Do you know what it is to have lived life as a trans woman?

    • kesher says:

      I certainly wouldn’t presume to, but I also don’t ask that anyone consider me to be a transwoman, “real” or otherwise. Meanwhile, the trans community apparently expects transwomen to be perceived as “real” women regardless of any objective standard. Sorry, but saying “I am a woman (today)” isn’t enough for many.

      • Other Mother says:

        Kosher, I’m a transwoman. I use that term because I look, sound, dress and am perceived as a woman. If I go about my day to day routine without wearing an “I’m transgender!” t-shirt, people will refer to me as “ma’am”, “miss”, “lady”, “that woman”, etc. Other than the women’s restroom, I generally do not use women’s spaces. I don’t join clubs for women or run for positions in female organizations. I disclose my trans-status to the women I date before we go out for the first time. On the other hand, if my female co-workers, whom I work closely with every day, ask about my “husband” or share their birth stories expecting to hear mine in return (I have two daughters), it’s my prerogative whether I need to come out to them or not. I have a right to privacy and safety. I respect women as a whole, and feel I understand my place within that group. I deserve respect too. I feel all of this anti-trans rhetoric is needlessly disrespectful.

      • Other Mother says:

        Auto-Correct changed Kesher to Kosher. Oops!

  12. Womyn First says:

    This article exhibits incredible ignorance. I shudder to think the author has as much influence over the culture and ideals of the GLBTQ community as their brazenly misguided assertions suggest.

    The uncouth and unnecessary profanity (“fuck holes” and the barbaric “excess skin” reference) are utterly unconscionable when so much effort has been put into constructing a nomenclature conducive to progressing the discourse of critical GLBTQ thought.

  13. material00 says:

    I feel sorry for the author and other feminists who share such thoughts. They must have gone through some bullshit and dealing with lot more hate than your average woman in order to believe the above so readily. Sometimes people set out to hurt to avoid being hurt or hurt again. Humanity can be really shitty. I hope the author finds peace before their time is over.

  14. N. says:

    Transwomen are real women, no TERF’s rant will ever change that. And don’t go all “TERF is a slur” on me, exclusive feminists have done much worse to transsexuals than women born with mismatched body and mind have ever done to other women.

    • anywoman2 says:

      ‘terf’ is a homophobic slur. You are just here gay-bashing, you silly homophobe.

      Straight Men are not gay women. Plenty of straight women will date you, leave homosexuals alone. Homosexuals are EVEN allowed to get married.

      Men are not ‘the real women’

      All the porn in the world won’t turn a man into a woman.
      You sound mentally ill.

  15. Other Mother says:

    If your argument were true, then infertile bio-women and bio women who suffer from vaginal agenesis (and need vaginal reconstruction) and women who have undergone hysterectomy and women with XY chromosomes who are born without a uterus are all non-women (in spite of being born outwardly female). You need a uterus and a period and the threat of pregnancy and stuff to be a “real” female, right?

    But wait, what about feminine boys who are targeting and bullied by the patriarchy? What about “boys” who are female-identified and experience life through that lens… paying more attention to the messages geared toward females than males? They’re doing uterine transplants now, what if a transwoman has a uterine transplant, has periods, and gives birth to a baby? Would she be a real woman then? You know that “real” breasts grow when one takes estrogen, right, with ducts and everything? What about transwomen who never have breast implants?

    I think you just don’t like transwomen. You don’t like them because they don’t fit neatly into the categories you’ve decided are important to your political views.

    I’m a transwoman, who has had surgery. I didn’t do it to create a “fuck-hole”, but rather, to gain a sense of comfort in my own skin. If medical science would have provided me with gene therapy and ovaries and a uterus, my soul would have breathed a deeper sigh of relief. As it was, I got as close as I was able. My life as a boy wasn’t easy, as I was viewed as “different” and “feminine”, and beat up, marginalized, isolated, ostracized and even raped. I was never granted and never wore male privilege in the way you describe it. I did not have entitlement. I was so distracted by body dysphoria every second of every day that I wasn’t even a true participant in society. My entire life felt like trying to have a conversation on the phone with a soft-spoken person during a loud rock concert. I’m also blind. Perhaps, if you could experience my life and your own and comparison shop, your life might be the better deal. If you WERE me, you’d have a terrible, awful disgusting artificial vagina between your legs, and you’d be writing this very post. You’d understand how the procedure, and life as a woman in general, brought everything into alignment and allowed you to live. My life, however mystifying to you, makes sense to me. And yes, I call myself a woman, because I look like one, sound like one, dress like one, am treated as one, etc. It’s not my fault that society has impoverished definitions (like your own, for example), and that I get shoehorned where I get shoehorned. Let me be.

    Call me what you like, because that’s your prerogative, but understand that hateful words like yours have consequences. There are young suicidal transpeople who might be pushed into action by these words. I might have been one myself, if I had read this at 13. What burn victim should hear that their face, formerly scarred, doesn’t look like a “real face” after reconstructive surgery? What person deserves such negative sentiment?

  16. tinysavage says:

    This is what I have seen for years.
    Let’s not forget that woman are socialized that sex within the bounds of matrimony is honorable, but for men , it is conveiniently restrictive. When they use ‘science’ to validate the religious doctrine that only virgin women have worth and and that men are biologically driven to have more than one mate. It becomes women owned as property,

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